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DJV Shirts Starting Point

It was 2004, when we were on a trip to Thailand with the family. There were tailors everywhere, and so we got many shirts and suits made over the years with several tailors, on many trips back to Thailand, China and Hong Kong. Tailor shirts at a good price are not available in all places, it is a great concept. Over the next several months and years more than 10 trips were made to Thailand specifically to meet the perfect tailor that we could partner with to develop our shirts, in the exact way we wanted, in a timely manner, and without error.

Finally in 2007 we developed the brand DJV Shirts www.djvshirts.com which is our on the ground mobile tailor shirt service. After perfecting our model and organizing multiple Roadshows we are now bringing the world an on-line tailor made shirt service. We have been working with our tailor since 2004 personally, and since 2007 with DJV Shirts, so that’s almost 10 years and allot of shirts. All the kinks have been worked out, not to mention our tailor’s family has been in business since 1960, so he is one of the best available.
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Smarter Shirt Shopping

DJV Shirts is an innovative way to shop for shirts, you can go to a mall and look around but you are not guaranteed to get the shirt you want, and may settle for shirts and prices that you do not like. We have all done that.

With our platform you are able to choose designs from hundreds of different shirt options for men’s dress shirts in a way that’s unique and intuitive. We break down the dress shirt into components, where you can customize in both shape and fabric. Furthermore, we make your shirts in specific measurements for a custom tailored fit. It is becoming an entirely new way of looking at customization and dress for men.

We also save you previous shirt designs and measurement profiles, so the next time you order it will be even easier.

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Customer Service

We have exceptional customer service, you can call us anytime with questions or email us at anytime.

We answer questions quickly and do not leave anything out.

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