December 02, 2012

5 Reasons Why Custom Made Shirts Are Better

Every man should have custom-fit clothing. This defines what a man truly is – and because every man is different, every man should have unique clothing.

So why should you or your man make the leap to tailor made clothing?

  1. CHOICES ARE UNLIMITED. Since the tailor will be the one to make the shirt for you, your options- be it the color, design or cut is always available. Your specifications- whatever it is will be catered, without any compromises. Shopping at a merchandise brick-and-mortar store will just give you limited options thus wasting your time and effort. When you do custom-made shirts you are always assured that whatever you want will always be granted.
  2. BETTER CLOTHING QUALITY. When you choose custom-made shirts, you can be sure that it is of quality. Unlike those hang in the department stores which are just machine-tailored and some are just stale cutouts, custom-made shirts are individually created, inspected and tested. Each fabric is designed and created by the hand so the quality is really better.
  3. SAVES TIME AND MONEY. We always shop long hours, trying to find the best clothing that suits our tastes and fits our body and of utmost quality. We hop from one store to another trying our luck. We also know this is not just what we do; we also have other more important things to attend to. When we shop at regular stores for quite a while and end up not buying even a single clothing item or just surrendering to a shirt that does not really suit us but since we are already exhausted to continue shopping, we end up buying it; then we waste our time and energy and money. Custom-made shirts are true to the word-customized- everything you want is everything you will get.
  4. BETTER FABRIC, HIGHER THREAD COUNT. The higher the thread count of the fabric, the better. Fine shirts often exceed 200 threads per inch but a cotton fabric with a 140-plus count will be very soft already. Egyptian and Italian cottons are the best choice for cotton fabrics.
  5. DRESS TO IMPRESS. You can have your clothing tailored to the occasion that you want to attend. Formal occasions usually need a more subtle, neutral tone on clothing, while casual getups at restaurants, bars and movies should be more lively and trendy. You can have these patterns and choices explained to a tailor and they will instantly and exactly grant your specifications.

There is a reason why department store suits and shirts do not always fit you. They are not made for you. There is no such thing as “free-size” or “average-size”, it has to be “my size”. This will not be a problem when you pick custom-made clothing apart from merchandise stores. You get all that you need, it saves time and effort and you can at last feel what it is like to wear a shirt that you can finally “own”.

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