Our shirting material is from Ambrosj in Italy. The material is designed to last as it is a high quality Egyptian cotton fabric that will keep any gentleman presentable. The fabric is woven from the finest blends of cotton extracted from Egypt and Italy, giving an elevated sense of smoothness and comfort. The fabric carves out a sense or elegance for users due to the use of advanced technology for achieving easy to iron properties.

Shirts made from Ambrosj collections soften with washing, and being quick and easy to iron, they prove to be the shirts for the active business man to look perfect all day long.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Everyone has heard of it, people who enjoy everything luxurious swear by it. Egyptian cotton comes from where its name suggests – Egypt. The humid conditions and rich soil in Egypt along the Nile River Valley create the perfect conditions to grow long cotton fibers.

Another property of Egyptian cotton that makes it high quality is its ability to absorb liquids. This ability allows it soak in dies that give the final product very vibrant color that lasts longer than some other cotton products.

Egyptian cottons have a better quality and softer finish. Egyptian cotton is generally hard wearing and will last for years getting even softer with every wash, making it more superior than cheaper cottons that will eventually start to fall apart. The benefits of this luxurious cotton easily out way the price difference, and you are guaranteed to get a long lasting high quality product you just won’t see with standard cottons.


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