Why Custom Shirts?

Custom tailor made shirts are the absolute best.

We are great tailors and always deliver perfectly made shirts. We also offer a great deal on our tailor made shirts as these garments easily retail for much more. With DJV Shirts you are getting these high quality shirts for just $110 USD each with shipping included, and there is no tax. Although duties of a few dollars for each shirt will need to be paid upon delivery.

If you have never had a tailor made shirt before, you should give us a try as you will never go back to off the rack dress shirts. In fact after receiving a few of DJV Elite Tailor Made Shirts, you may want to clear out your whole wardrobe of shirts.

If you do not already have great dress shirts, it is time. Every man should have a dress shirt (or two — or five) custom made. Although it can be an expensive venture and takes a little bit of time to go through the initial process, it is definitely worth it.

The unbeatable fit and the attention to detail that goes into making a shirt that suits you perfectly is well worth what you’ll spend.

DJV Shirts can get you there quickly.

We are a reputable tailor

We have been working and importing shirts to North America with the same tailor since 2004. Our tailor has been in this business since 1960, so everything with our process is seamless.

We can show you great samples of our work and have over 160 high quality Egyptian Cotton fabrics to choose from. We have several choices for collars, and cuffs and can consult with you as to what kind of shirt works best for your body type and lifestyle.

We have no difficulty determining which style of shirt will meet your personal preferences for comfort and flatter your bone structure, proportions and physique.

Choose your fabric

The higher the thread count the better. High-end shirts like ours have a soft touch; these fine fabrics will impress and are less prone to wrinkles and more likely to get compliments. All of our fabric originates from Italy where the best fabric in the world comes from. They are all Egyptian Cottons which are known to be the best on the planet.

Shop by occasion

Decide where you plan to wear your custom-made shirt because it will make a difference when it comes to the fit, fabric and detailing.

For instance, you may want a few shirts for formal occasions, you will want a dress shirt with a very tailored fit in a neutral-colored, beautiful fabric. For day to day shirts at the office, you may want to avoid cufflinks, pleats and monograms. Although monograms are becoming trendy, and do add a nice touch.

If you are shopping for shirts to wear for a night on the town, shirts with a slim fit and trendier or louder pattern may be more suitable. For business, when you need to impress, a French cuff shirt will help you create a seriously fashionable style.

Measuring off your best fitting shirt

Obtaining the correct measurements for your shirts is of the utmost importance. Get this wrong and the whole process is botched.

To avoid the situation in which you end up with a custom-made shirt that is not right, we take measurements off you best fitting shirt and consult with you on where we can make adjustments. Since our tailor is in Thailand and measurements could be interpreted differently by different local tailors, we have found it best to go off a great shirt that you already love. If you insist we can take measurements off your body but we do not suggest this method.

We measure all parts of your shirt, the collar, chest, shoulder, sleeve, waist, hip, cuff, and length measurements. We ensure that the measurements are absolutely flawless. We have completed enough orders that we get it right every time.

Pay attention to detail

When it comes to custom-made shirts, our brand of good craftsmanship can be found in the fabric, the buttons, the stitching, and the cut. Essentially, it’s the details that count. With regards to stitching, our sides of the custom-made shirt are always hand-sewn. Furthermore our seams are smooth, our collars are firm with no wrinkles.

Once you go custom…

The biggest downsides of buying a custom-made shirt are that it’s somewhat time intensive – but really compared to mall shopping it is actually quicker and you get the design and fabric that you actually want.

The advantages of owning a custom-made shirt are all positive. There is a lot to consider when you’re thinking of going custom-made, and we hope you choose to make DJV Shirts your shirt supplier.

Even if you do not want shirts today, please let us know when you want tailor made shirts in the future.

Are you ready to order your custom made shirts? Contact us today to start looking your best.

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